Friday 5 September 2014

New Water Standards Now Available

Such has been the popularity of our range of deuterium and oxygen-18 water standards, our stock of natural water standards came to an end. These have now been replaced with a new set comprising of three waters that are appropriate for use as working standards for natural abundance measurements. The details of the new standards are (values are reported as delta (permil)versus V-SMOW/SLAP):

IA-R063 (Zero water) 2H = +11.26, 18O = -0.41

IA-R064 (Medium natural water) 2H = -98.32, 18O = -12.34

IA-R065 (Low natural water) 2H = -269.07, 18O = -33.57

All standards have been calibrated using equilibration and continuous flow - isotope ratio mass spectrometry against V-SMOW2 and were scale corrected using SLAP2.

You can feel assured that you are buying a standard that is in routine use in our own laboratory fifty two weeks a year. The standards are available to purchase directly from ourselves or from Elemental Microanalysis Ltd.