Monday, 3 October 2011

Recent Published Articles

We're always pleased to see the fruits of our customers' work. Here are some references of published journal articles that we've recently received:

‘Differences in food assimilation between two coot species assessed with stable isotopes and particle size in faeces: Linking physiology and conservation.’
Amat Juan A, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part A (2008), 217-223

‘Sulphur stable isotopes can distinguish trophic dependence on sediments and plankton in boreal lakes.’
Crosietere Louis et al, Freshwater Biology (2009), 54, 1006-1015

‘Unravelling complexities in benthic food webs using a dual stable isotope (hydrogen and carbon) approach.’
Deines Peter et al, Freshwater Biology (2009), 54, 2243-2251

‘Beef authentication and retrospective dietary variation using stable isotope ratio analysis of bovine muscle and tail hair.’
Osorio, M Teresa et al, J. Agric Food Chem (2011), 59, 3295-3305

‘Multielement isotope analysis of bovine muscle for determination of International Geographical Origin of Meat.’
Osorio, M Teresa et al, J. Agric Food Chem (2011), 59, 3285-3294

‘Greater flamingos Phoenicopterus roseus are partial capital breeders.’
Rendon Miguel A et al, J. Avian Biol. (2011), 42, 210-213

There is also a list of earlier published articles on our website.