Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Isotope Investigation of Retail Beef

Iso-Analytical has been working for a number of years in collaboration with Dr. Olaf Schmidt and colleagues from University College Dublin in isotopic investigation of beef with a view to the authentication of Irish beef. The first publication resulting from this work: Inferring the origin and dietary history of beef from C, N and S stable isotope ratio analysis. Food Chemistry (2005) 91:545-549 compared beef reared in the USA, Brazil, Europe and Ireland. A second publication on the seasonal variation of 13C, 15N and 34S in organic and conventional Irish beef is currently in press. In August, Bahar et al. gave a poster presentation on the rate of dietary carbon and nitrogen incorporation into bovine muscle at the 58th Annual meeting of the European Association for Animal Production. We have made a copy of the poster available for download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format here (1.9 MB).

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Example Laboratory Reports

We have made a selection of example laboratory reports available for download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format from our website. Currently you will find example reports for the following services available:

13C-Urea Breath testing for detection of Helicobacter pylori infection
13C and 15N (dual isotope) analysis of Animal Tissue samples for ecological profiling
13C and 15N (dual isotope) analysis of Bone Collagen samples for dietary reconstruction
Deuterium (2H) analysis of core waters for Deuterium Tracing of core invasion
Doubly Labelled Water (DLW - 2H and 18O) analysis for measurement of Total Body Water composition
Fruit Juice carbon-13 testing for detection of undeclared addition of corn syrup
Honey carbon-13 testing (SCIRA & ISCIRA) for detection of economic adulteration

These example reports highlight our quality control procedures and the strong emphasis we place on the presentation of results.