Monday, 21 November 2011

2012 Student Awards and SIMSUG

This week I'll be attending the Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry User Group (SIMSUG) meeting at Lancaster University:

SIMSUG 2011, Lancaster University, 23rd and 24th November 2011

To coincide with the meeting we are announcing our 2012 Student Research Awards competition. Hopefully, I will get to meet some of our customers in Lancaster but you don't have to be at the meeting to enter the competition as the details are below.

The closing date for entries is 31st January 2012. Good luck to everyone that applies.

Steve Brookes

2012 Student Research Awards

Iso-Analytical provides research awards to encourage students to include stable isotope analyses in their research projects, with emphasis on the use of stable isotopes to explain original research questions.

Iso-Analytical is offering a total prize fund of $5000 towards stable isotope analysis from our catalogue of analytical services for d2H, d13C, d15N, d18O and d34S.

Gold Award : $3000 (approx. 75 sample analyses)

Grant of $3000 (2250€*) towards cost of stable isotope analyses available to students engaged in research at an accredited academic institute.

Silver Award : $2000 (approx. 50 sample analyses)

Grant of US $2000 (1500€*) towards cost of stable isotope analyses available to students engaged in research at an accredited academic institute.

* Based on current exchange rates

How to Apply

The research awards are competitive and will be offered based on the evaluation of applications consisting of an abstract and 300 word summary paper. Applications should concisely describe the research project, the information likely to be gained from isotope analysis, and the availability of materials for analysis. Applications will be accepted by post, fax or Email.

The deadline for receipt of applications is January 31, 2012

Applications should be e-mailed to: with “Research Awards 2012” in the subject line

Competition Rules

(1) Applicants must be enrolled in post-graduate or post-doctoral research at an academic institute.
(2) Applications must include applicants name, address, telephone number, e-mail and academic qualifications and supervisor’s name and address.
(3) The prizes will consist of stable isotope analyses of d2H, d13C, d15N, d18O or d34S, or combination thereof, to the value of $3000 and $2000 for the Gold and Silver awards respectively.
(4) Samples must be submitted by the competition winners to Iso-Analytical for analysis before March 31, 2013. Iso-Analytical will report results to competition winners within 3 months of receiving samples.
(5) Research awards will be acknowledged in any thesis or subsequent publications, copies of which will be provided to Iso-Analytical.
(6) The winners will be notified by March 31, 2012.