Monday 20 August 2007

New Water Isotope Standards

Over recent months we have prepared and calibrated a new set of working laboratory water standards and are making them available for sale to others that have a need for them. The deuterium and oxygen-18 abundances of the standards have been measured against (and are therefore traceable to) the new V-SMOW2 and SLAP2 international reference waters that are distributed by the IAEA. Each standard was subjected to our full calibration procedure which involves analysis of multiple replicates over a number of days.

The set of 5 standards covers a broad range of water isotope abundances making them suitable as working references for both natural and tracer studies. Details of the five standards are and their delta values vs V-SMOW2/SLAP2 in permil notation are (2H value, 18O value):

  • IA-R052 (low abundance natural water) -157.12, -19.64
  • IA-R053 (mid abundance natural water) -61.97, -10.18
  • IA-R054 (zero abundance natural water) +4.93, +0.56
  • IA-R055 (mid abundance enriched water) +843.43, +108.59
  • IA-R056 (high abundance enriched water) +1701.83, +266.83

Each standard is provided in a 30 mL re-useable robust glass bottle (although we advise removing aliquots to prevent accidental contamination) and is accompanied by a 'report of analysis'. Although we have prepared large quantities of each, customers will be limited to purchasing 5 bottles of each standard. Customers that need to set up large quantities of working laboratory standards may wish to consider using our 'Standards calibration service' as an alternative.

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